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bls app bls app
bls app bls app
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App Description.

BLS is designed and developed for Professional member of Build Lasting Success to manage key aspect of their account. BLS help professionals to grow their business and save time by efficiently manage their client contacts, new leads, follow-up and conversions. We have developed both basic and professionals versions of BLS app for our client.

BLS has following features

  • Members can login with the given credentials.
  • Members can add prospect/client contact details manually and from phonebook import.
  • Members can search contacts, Today‚Äôs Activity, Hottest Prospect, Business Prospect, Associates and many other important activities.
  • Members can access their calendar and see activity.
  • Members can send an email broadcast to all prospects.
  • Members can search and sort contacts.
  • Members can access folders of contacts.
  • Members can check important information related to business and prospects.
  • Member can write notes.
  • Members can set time and schedule calls.
  • Members can manage contact manager.
  • Member can watch motivational videos.
  • Members can write message to prospects.
  • Members can search and filter messages.


Challenges and Solution.

  • Build Last Success is one of the interesting projects and we have built sophisticated apps for our client. This project had to be developed in well-organized manners for professional members of BLS so that they can efficiently manage thousands of prospects.
  • We have developed Build Lasting Success with Contact Manager, Activity Tracker, Dashboard and Messaging System to make it robust for BLS members. BLS is available on both iTunes and Google Play store.

App Screenshot Gallery.

BLS has features like Contact Manager, Contact Search/Filter, Messaging, Calendar, Notes and Activity Tracker .

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