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App Description.

This billing app is best solution to prevent someone for late billing and fines. We have designed this app with innovative and exact prevention methods to manage all bills into one manageable place. BillMinder is a reminder & organizer to take care of your all bills and account information. It simplifies your life by bringing all your bills into one manageable place.

This app helps to track your expenses by comprehensive charts and Graphs. This app is made for both iOS and Android platform so you can download and install on both devices and get more freely life.

This app has the following features

  • User can access calendar and monthly billing list.
  • User can set passcode for protection.
  • User can access Built-In Calculator for all billing calculations.
  • User can  email Backup of all saved bills.
  • User can restore backup of all bills.
  • This app support multi currency.
  • User can set per bill adjustable alert periods.
  • User can check account history of all bills.
  • User can execute multiple payment per bill.
  • User can access QuickPay(Swipe across a bill in the upcoming view).
  • User can export all bills to CSV file format.


Challenges and Solution.

  • This project was most challenging in terms of syncing accounts of another app called Bebtminder and provide all billing and account related informations in one manageable place. This app is specially designed for professionals who wants to manage huge amount of bills on daily basis.
  • We have designed and developed this app with Reminders, Real time alerts and account syncing feature to get all the bills and account information in one place.

App Screenshot Gallery.

Billing app has features like Bill Creation, Reminder, Billing History, Calculator and Passcode protection capabilities. Protection Status
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