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ASRA last app ASRA last app
ASRA last app ASRA last app
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App Description.

The ASRA LAST app facilitates the use of the ASRA Checklist for Treatment of Local Anesthetic Systemic Toxicity during real time patient events or simulation training. Not only does it focus on the dosing and timing of lipid emulsion for a LAST event, but it ensures that providers don’t forget critical ACLS steps as they are integrated into this modified treatment algorithm. This app was built with collaboration from the ASRA Board and Dr. Guy Weinberg, the pioneer and expert in lipid emulsion treatment for local anesthetic toxicity and director of LipidRescue.

ASRA LAST has following features

  • The app provides step by step instructions and reminders for key events throughout the algorithm.
  • Weight based calculations for drug dosing throughout the app.
  • Cyclically timed reminders for Pulse Recheck, CPR, drug dosing, and more.
  • Differential pathways for pulseless and pulsatile toxicity events
  • Reminders for seizure management.
  • In-app quick reference links to the published Checklist,, and LipidRescue.
  • Ability to generate a report of all the timed events during the use of the app that can be saved, printed, or emailed as needed by the user.

Challenges and Solution.

  • The client reached out to Simpalm and asked to update the existing mobile app. The original coder was Mustard Seed Software LLC, and we had to understand their existing codebase and update the apps in a linear way. We have implemented new features, modified several existing pages, navigation, and published the new version of ASRA LAST.
  • Simpalm team is also providing continuous support to the ASRA team on all of their applications.

App Screenshot Gallery.