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Asra apps Asra apps
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App Description.

ASRA Coags 2.0 mobile app is available on App Store and Google Play. It provides drug-specific information to healthcare professionals. Simpalm is continuously maintaining and supporting this mobile app for ASRA, a non-profit organization in Pittsburgh, PA.  This app is designed to practice anticoagulation guidelines in a simple and easy way. We have combined the features of the old version and implemented new features to accomplish the client’s goal. ASRA (American Society of Regional Anesthesia) hired Simpalm to maintain ASRA Coags 2.0 App, ASRA Coder App, ASRA Last App, ASRA Timer App.

ASRA Coags 2.0 has the following features:

  • It has Regional Anaesthesia Guidelines from various publications.
  • The app contains Pain guidelines and Regional guidelines.
  • The users can use the search function to easily navigate to the particular guidelines.
  • The app is pretty simple and easy to navigate using ‘restart’ anchor text.

Challenges and Solution.

  • The client reach out to Simpalm and asked to update the existing mobile app. The original coder was Mustard Seed Software LLC and we had to understand their existing codebase and update the apps in a linear way. We have implemented new features and modified several existing pages, navigation and published the new version of ASRA Coder 2.0.
  • Simpalm team is also providing continuous support to the ASRA team.

App Screenshot Gallery.

ASRA Coags 2.0 has a Guidelines view, Checklist view, search function, and easy navigation for users to practice drug-specific guidelines.