Looking for the Best Mobile App Developers in Virginia?

Simpalm has been providing expert, affordable, mobile app development in Virginia for more than seven years. Our clients, located in Northern Virginia, Alexandria, Arlington, Reston, Fairfax, Richmond and other parts of the state, have entrusted us with iPhone, Android, Windows, and Hybrid mobile app development projects.  We’ve turned their creative visions into successful mobile apps that help them dramatically improve the efficiency of business processes, or connect them with the customers of Google Play and iTunes Store.

Mobile App Development VirginiaWhether you need mobile app development technologies to help your company achieve greater customer service goals through faster, more effective processes, or want to give your customers, irresistible, brand-building tools that will firmly connect them to your business, Simpalm can help you every step of the way to your mobile app goals.

Our Mobile App Development services in Virginia include:

Why is Simpalm the best choice among all Mobile App Development Companies in Virginia?

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  • Because we are located in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan corridor, we can deliver extraordinarily efficient and affordable mobile app development services to Virginia businesses and organizations.
  • We will precisely know your priorities, goals and needs because we are able to easily meet with you, in person, which is a critical advantage for understanding and fulfilling your project requirements.
  • Our talented mobile app developers have an average of six to seven years of experience working on App development projects for clients in Virginia.
  • Our developers can work for you onsite, ensuring that you fully benefit from their experience and expertise through each phase of your project, from concept to launch.
  • Build high-quality, affordable Mobile Apps for any size Virginia client, from startup to large enterprise.

Get better results with expert mobile app development in Virginia

Drawn from among the top graduates of Virginia Tech University and other leading technology schools, our app development team doesn’t merely deliver technically-sound, user-friendly mobile applications for Virginia clients. We also have the experience and expertise to help promote your mobile application to ensure that it achieves the brand-building, bottom-line results you want and need. Whether you are a small, mid-sized or large company, association or government agency, we can help you fully exploit the competitive advantages and extraordinary growth opportunities that mobile app development can provide.

Our Mobile App Development Process


Our Mobile App Development Is Time-tested and Field-proven

Since 2009, Simpalm has designed, developed, and launched more than 200 sophisticated, successful mobile apps for nearly every business type in nearly every business sector: from innovative startups to global enterprises, in finance, healthcare, entertainment, technology, higher education, philanthropy, eCommerce, construction, retail, manufacturing, and more.

As a result, Simpalm has been able to devise time- and project-tested processes and workflows that:

  • Quickly focus and bring to light our client’s’ creative vision and strategic business needs
  • Efficiently identify, document, and deliver critical project requirements
  • Meet time and budget constraints while respecting the client’s need for transparent, timely, project communication.
  • Deliver aesthetically-appealing, brand-enhancing designs that achieve business goals and delight users.
  • Produce ruggedly-dependable, lightning-fast, applications that will provide years of value, and can be easily scaled and enhanced as business requires.
  • Rigorously test to detect and eliminate all design and programming defects prior to launch.
  • Ensure your app meets or exceeds all App Store requirements and is promoted to achieve maximum impact in the market.

Every client and mobile app project is different, but our experience over many years and hundreds of successful projects, has taught us how to quickly understand a client’s conceptual ideas and help them to turn their vision into a reality with measurable business value.From conceptual discussions, you’ll first see your idea take shape in wire-framed outlines, then crystallized in User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design prototypes.

More quickly than you thought possible, you will witness the development and testing of your new mobile app, and its successful introduction to users.In short, Simpalm’s rich experience enables it to quickly and affordably do great work. But technical experience and design prowess is just the beginning of the story of Simpalm’s success in mobile application development. Our development tools include: Swift, Xcode, Eclipse, Android Studio, Xamarin Studio, Appcelerator Titanium, PhoneGap, Sencha Ext JS, Ionic suite, JQuery.

Our Mobile App Development Will Grow Your Business

Any organization that approaches mobile apps as technical gimmicks or trendy marketing is destined to miss one of the greatest business opportunities in history. Whether you are delivering critical information or entertainment, mobile apps can connect with customers and prospects with unparalleled intimacy and immediacy—right now, right in the palm of their hands, and right before their eyes.

Taking full advantage of that opportunity requires more than some technical chops and a little design flair. It requires a broad and deep understanding of mobile technology and what it can do to advance strategic business goals, build brands, achieve competitive superiority, and dominate a market or even create whole new markets.

At Simpalm, we understood right from the start that it was not enough to become an expert in mobile technology—we needed to become experts at helping organizations exploit the greatest advantages of mobile technology.Perhaps your business would benefit from a mobile app that provides data-driven services, or GPS-location, or wearable tech, or IoT connectivity, or a combination of any or all of that and a dozen more mobile technology tools or capabilities.