Our Hybrid App Development Expertise

Cross platform mobile application development technology  caters to all the mobile operating systems allowing the programmer to write the least amount of source code. Simpalm has expertise in building apps using cross platform tools that work on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone environments as if they were built using a native development approach. Our expertise in cross-platform portability has made us a leading name in the US & around the world.

Simpalm uses following frameworks to develop HTML5 based Responsive Frontend:


Appcelarator Titanium Mobile Development Company

When the quest is of developing mobile, tablet and desktop apps using a cross platform framework, Appcelerator is the platform for you where challenges of cross-platform development are dealt efficiently. Being the leader in mobile app development we understand the pros and cons of development – be it a native, mobile web, or hybrid approach – on Titanium platform which is pretty hot in the market when more than 35,000 apps have been found themselves on 50 million devices. And that is why developers find themselves connected with the platform to build create native, hybrid, and mobile web applications. To Know More About Our Titanium Development Offerings Please Click Here


Xamarin Mobile Development Services

At Simpalm, we use Xamarin Studio to build robust and ship cutting edge mobile apps with Xamarin developer day-to-day support for each new OS release. We use best in class Xamarin product development lifecycle to build, test, monitor performance and accelerate your app. We use Xamarin Test Cloud Services to test your app across various devices present in its cloud. We are fully capable of using all Xamarin component store in order to integrate Backend Systems, 3rd Part Libraries/APIs and Cloud Services directly into your mobile apps.

We highly recommend Xamarin App Development to our clients who have some sort of .NET and C# experience. To Know More About Our Xamarin Development Offerings Please Click Here


jQuery Mobile development Services

Out of the best things happened to mobile web industry is Jquery Mobile; the touch-Optimized Web Framework for Smartphones & Tablets. This is the technology which sets stage for the magic with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript and this has best of advantages as it supports the myriad of mobile devices across iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. Today’s ever- changing mobile ecosystem, while mobile browsers and platforms are creating new challenges for us, jQuery Mobile, an open-source multiplatform UI framework, can help us succeed with our mobile apps. On the one hand, where mobile browsers and different platforms, pose challenge to mobile app development, we need expert support to develop mobile websites – matching the level of native apps.

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Sencha Touch Mobile App Development

Sencha Touch platform is one of the biggest cross platform mobile app development framework in recent times. Reason being Sencha touch acts as the boiler for the right blend of HTML 5, CSS3, Javascript coupled with MVC style for development. The results you get using this Framework is development of apps which can work on any mobile platform like iOS, Android, blackberry, Windows Phone – something which was unseen in the past.Our Sencha developers are adept at all the major tools for app development, like Sencha Touch, Sencha Touch Charts, Sencha Animator and Sencha.oi.

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PhoneGap App Development

Simpalm highly recommend PhoneGap development to develop amazing mobile apps with using simplest web technology. PhoneGap is the best cross platform framework to quickly transfer HTML, CSS and JavaScript written web applications into awesome mobile apps. At Simpalm, we use PhoneGap to develop custom, affordable, native functional mobile apps that support iOS, Android and Windows platforms. We ensure reduced development time, native functional and cost effective products to our clients, which will give long term sustainable results.

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Ionic App Development

Ionic is an HTML 5 mobile app development platform which is used for development of cross platform mobile applications.  These cross platform applications have many features like platform support, fast development and third party API integrations.  At Simpalm, Ionic framework development is done by our highly experienced developers, who have specialized in technologies like HTML5, CSS3 JavaScript and AngularJS which are used in developing this framework. Ionic is one of the best feasible platform for development of cross platform mobile apps.

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React Native

React Native App Development

Simpalm provides native similar app development services using React Native Framework as well. React Native is next generation of React that is a JavaScript code library developed by Facebook. We are expert JavaScript and ReactJS web developers and we use these expertise to build React Native Cross Platform mobile applications.

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