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Festi is a new social event-hosting platform that can fill your empty social calendar. This new trending mobile app works on a social rideshare concept and help people to reveal fun, food and friends in your neighbourhood. Festi has long listing of amazing social events and it will take you to Backyard BBQ or back porch for delicious dining, food and drink at neighbors home. Simpalm was hired by Festi LLC to build both iOS and Android Application. Festi has two side of interface for Guest and Host of the event. The Festi has been published and it is available to download from App Store and Google Play Store.

Festi has following features

  • As a Guest, Discover new events in local area, swipe a list of events and book your favourite one.
  • As a Guest, make new connection in event, access guest list and find out other guests in event.
  • As a Guest, make payment to book your event and get notified for dinner and event by Host.
  • As a Host, post event in the app, receive request from friends and local area people.
  • As a Host, Accept request of Guest, create Guest list and customize it.
  • As a Host, share your talent, and charge for signature drink or dish of yours. Host can customize event and offer new dishes.
  • As a Host, charge Guest for your Backyard BBQ, Workout Class or happy hours and earn money.


Challenges and Solution

  • This mobile app platform was quite different than other event apps, it had to be incorporated and functional for seeker and service provider in one interface with set of complex features. The user who wants to use their back porch of home and earn money through the app by hosing an event while on other side the user who wants to attend social events and spend some quality time with new peoples. Client wanted to meet the desires of both type of people through mobile applications.
  • Simpalm has designed and developed Festi mobile application with sleek design and rich features. We created a single interface mobile app for both Host and Guest. If you want to host event, you could switch to Host Interface and if you want to attend social event in nearby area you could switch to Guest Interface. Festi app is easy to use and fun loving platform created by us to meet user expectations.

App Screenshot Gallery

Festi has features like Event hosting, Event Listing & Booking, Payment Transaction, Guest List and several other capabilities.

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